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Meet Harold Heath, Heath and Company Realtors
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Heath & Co. Realtors serves the Grand Valley market, working in both residential and commercial arenas. The Heath team of professionals works closely together, but integrates not only with the rest of the Metro Brokers Grand Junction headquarters, but also with the extensive Colorado association of Metro Brokers professionals to find the best deals first for their clients.

Metro Brokers, Inc. is a unique association of independent real estate brokers owning and operating their own companies under the Metro Brokers logo. The association was established nearly 3 decades ago and now incorporates the shared experience and talents of over 1850 members and associates in more than 70 offices throughout Colorado, serving the residential, commercial and industrial needs of their clients. Learn more about Metro Brokers, Inc.

Heath & Co. Realtors is located in the SunPlex building at 25 Road and Patterson in Grand Junction.

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Hal’s Helpful Tips

The Grand Valley of Western Colorado is a colorful patchwork quilt of orchards, vineyards, business centers, ranches, golf courses and neighborhoods ranging from affordable to multi-million dollar homes. Main city areas, while close enough to each other for an easy commute, have their separate styles. Learn more about the area